This is a 9 weeks courses where you build from your individual body and state of mind but in a support from a group. Each class is 1,5h long and the spaces will be limited so I can individually have the time to guide you.
After the course you will have a greater understanding of your own body. What poses is beneficial for you and how to safely work and progress in each pose. And how yoga can help you in your daily life.

Every practitioner is welcome from beginner to “advance”!
To join a course you will need to send in some information to know what your struggles are. For example if you have injuries or restrictions and why you started/or starting and what your want from your practice of yoga . Then you will be divide into the group that will benefit you the most.

The focus for each group is to create still mind and a health, vibrant body regardless of age, injuries or limitations. To remove obstacles in both your body and mind and take you beyond what you though was possible.

In this course, you will learn:
*How to create a safe practice
*How to work in poses
*Alignment and techniques
*Modifications and why we make them
*Suggestions for you to grow as a practitioner without harming your body
*How the blue print poses actually teach us the more advanced poses, even those we thought were out of our reach
*How you with breathing exercises and meditation create a still mind, free from fluctuations

Price: 1350sek for 9 1,5h classes and also include access to YogaMakes online plattform of Yoga.

Starting at 17,30 on September 14th


When you join you get your personal yoga teacher online with videos (teachings & classes) that cover all aspects of yoga.