Dynamic Yoga

These classes offer inspiring and sometimes challenging poses that build on different themes.

We use proper alignment in order to practice safely and maintain a focused mind. You will be guided into a deeper understanding of body and mind, according to the level of class you choose.

The poses in these classes are practiced in a more intense way and by holding poses longer than in a soft yoga class. Here you will find a mixture classes. In some you will do more advanced poses, and in others you will practice with the blueprint poses in a more challenging way.

Dynamic Yoga Lessons
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Hatha yoga with backbends

Dynamic 30 min

Healthy Hamstrings

DynamicSoft 45 min

Calm and Awake

DynamicSoft 20 min

Prepare for Bakasana Jump

Dynamic 30 min

Soft core

Dynamic 10 min

Perfect for your holiday

Dynamic 30 min

Get moving… level 1-3

Dynamic 15 min

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