Acharya Yoga


Acharya Yoga is a systematised sequence of yogasana and pranayama that prepares you for the practice of dhyana.

Acharya Yoga helps you gain a better understanding of sharira mana shastra—the science of body and mind—and to fine-tune your awareness of the vibrational energy that flows through you.

This slow-paced asana practice invites you to move with awareness and according to your own body condition. The physical practice of Acharya Yoga will sculpt a strong and healthy body, and this in turn, awakens an internal intelligence. This intuitive intelligence steadies the mind and helps guide you through the various stages of life. The awareness that is cultivated through the practice of asana improves the strength and mobility of the skeletal and muscular systems. As a result, the mind itself becomes more deeply interested in questioning and taking charge of lifestyle choices.

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