Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully better understand your body, yourself and others. This first post is about how important it is to always see your practice and yourselves as a beginner.

One of the best times as a student on the path of yoga is when we are a beginner. We often experience ourselves in a way that we have never done before. Your life might even feel more alive. But sometimes it’s the opposite we feel everything; our body hurts or our mind is unfocused and we are overwhelmed by emotions.

Wherever you are or whatever you feel; it is perfect, you just have to be in whatever moment and feeling you are in it without judging.

When you step onto the mat it will always be your first practice and this is the challenging one because we tend to compare ourselves with what we did yesterday or what we want to do tomorrow.

The beauty of yoga is that there is only a here and now. Where am I today? What do I need to practice to extend comfort zone but without indulging my ego. How is my breath? How does my body feel? In which direction is my mind running?

These are all questions you observe when you set yourself down on your mat and from that do your yoga practice.

If you can appreciate your body and mind even on the days you feel stiffer or have a hard time breathing or concentrating. That’s the days that bring us even closer to our inner self.

In the beginning it might be hard just finding the breath then stay focused on that. The most important thing in your yoga practice is your breath the postures are secondary. If the mind runs wild don’t worry, slowly without forcing it bring the focus back to the breath or to your body. One day the mind will just be quiet. It does not matter what you did yesterday or what you will be able to do tomorrow enjoy the journey that’s what takes you far!



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