South Korea
Yoga Adventure Retreat

November 3rd – 12th 2023
with Caroline Westling and Mary Susan Stults Sassone

An autumn retreat to Self and Sangha in South Korea.

Join us for a heart-awakened adventure and yoga retreat this November as we enjoy a deep dive into our yoga and meditation practices, community, culture, beauty, and adventure.

We are thrilled to share 10 spacious and joy-filled days together on retreat as we explore and soak up the beauty of autumn on our South Korea Yoga Adventure Retreat.

Our journey begins with 3 nights in the vibrant city of Seoul where you can enjoy everything this fascinating city has to offer—Korean fashion, beauty, music, art, food, markets, restaurants, culture, and much more.

From Seoul, we will travel south to the beautiful oceanside city of Busan on the eastern seacoast. Finally, we´ll travel inland and spend our final 4 days in a lovely, relaxing resort in the Korean forest.

This trip is for those who want to combine a yoga retreat with a unique and unforgettable experience in South Korea. We will have the opportunity to visit various beautiful regions of South Korea, including cities, the seaside, and forests.

Join us this spring as we share and co-create an unforgettable 10 days together on and off the yoga mat. See you in South Korea, xo

My love letter to Korea…

This is my story of how I fell in love with Korea and the reason why I started organizing yoga retreats in this beautiful country.

It all started many years ago when one of my sons introduced me to you. After that, you played a big part in healing us as a family when we were recovering from trauma. I got regained joy, a positive view of my life, and what I want my life to be filled with to thank you for. You inspired me to learn a new language, to open my mind, and to see the world again. 

Sitting on the plane towards you for the first time it felt like I was meeting the love of my life. Well in one sense it was because I already lost one of my sons to you. 

When I met you, you exceeded my expectations of you and I can’t even with words describe the amazing time I had with you. 

You introduced me to new friends and experiences which I will be forever grateful for. It was with a very heavy heart that I left you for the first time and I missed you deeply but I knew that we would see each other again soon. Korea you will always have a big piece of my heart and my love for you will never grow old.

– Caroline Westling


All levels of practitioners are welcome and encouraged to join. During our stay in Seoul and Busan, we will practice yoga once a day most days. At our final destination in the forest, we will go deeper into our yoga practice with two classes a day. Here we also focus on our internal practice through pranayama (breathwork), guided meditations, Dharma talks, and you will also have an art/creativity workshop.

Our Yoga asana classes will be theme based and focus on understanding our individual needs.



Seoul (3 nights), Busan (2 nights), and Nature Resort (4 nights).

Group activities

We will take you to unique places so you can experience the authentic culture of Korea. This includes drinking traditional tea, visiting a traditional village, seeing an old palace, eating Korean food specialties, and maybe even signing karaoke ;). These are included in the price of the trip.

We will also visit a South Korean food market where you are free to purchase the local specialties according to your individual tastes.

Sightseeing in your free time

You will also have free time when you can explore on your own, with guidance from us.

Optional Activities

Below is a list of different activities you can enjoy at your own cost.


  • Seoul Tower
  • Korean war museum
  • Palaces
  • National Museum
  • Traditional sauna
  • Beauty and spa treatments (Korean specialties)


  • Magnate Café
  • Busan Tower
  • Yongdusan Park
  • Kim Jae Sun Gallery
  • Gamcheon Culture Village
  • Haedong Yonggung Temple
  • Nampodong Market


  • Nature experiences


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