Finding Stillness

Winter is a beautiful time to reflect and center ourselves as the nature is calm and naked. It is also a beautiful time to visit our lovely center by lake Hjorten and practice yoga in our beautiful yogashala.

During this weekend, we will explore how our daily life can be supported through the practice and philosophical aspect of yoga, to live in more balance and peace within ourselves and in the society around us. This weekend we focus on stillness from external to internal, we will look at different yogic text that supports us to live a life in peace.
In the morning we start with meditation,  pranayama and asana, our asana classes will be focusing on a therapeutic approach towards pose and restorative work. We end the day with reflections  and meditation.

16,00 Introduction
16,30-18,00 Yoga asana (during this session we will use chairs and other props to support the body to open)
18,00 Light dinner
19,00 Meditation

06,30 Meditation and Pranayama
07,30-09,00 Therapeutic asana class
09,30 Breakfast
Free time of your choice, warm yourself in our sauna by the lake, walk in nature or why not rest in the soffa infront of our fireplace.
12,30 Lunch
15,00 Discussion on the importance och rest, presence and stillness,                                                                16.00 Yoga asana (during this session we will use chairs and other props to support the body to open and end with some restorative work)
18,30 Dinner
20,00 Meditation

06,45 Meditation and Pranayama
07,30-09,00 Therapeutic and restorative asana class
09,00 Breakfast
11,00 Yoga philosophy
12,30 Lunch
The weekend ends after lunch with a Q & A

Accommodation is simple in a shared house with the other participants.                                                    Location: Västervik
Pris: 2700sek, early bird price 2300sek if paid in full before September 31st                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Limited to 10 participants
Teacher: Caroline Westling


When you join you get your personal yoga teacher online with videos (teachings & classes) that cover all aspects of yoga.

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