Thank you for applying for the Online Mentor Program

Warm welcome to my online Mentor Program.

How wonderful that you want to deepen yourself in the path of Yoga and to find your spark and inner voice with me. This program is designed to help you grow from the foundation you currently have. Together, we will strengthen this foundation as I share what I’ve learned from my teachers and experiences. From this foundation, we will work together so you develop your own style, at your own pace.

Through philosophical study of ancient texts, meditation practice, practice of asana at a deeper-than-physical level, and group discussions and practice, my aim is for you to find your own voice as a teacher. In particular through sharing with each other through online discussion, you will learn what you like to share in a yoga class and how you best deliver. Your own unique voice—through words, body language, silence and energy—will arise from within as you come deeper in contact with your own practice and why you practice.

As we study ancient texts, pranayama, meditation, asana and healthy living principles the yogic way, you’ll will have the opportunity to discover what sparks your inner flame to share yoga. To encourage reflection and discussion, I’ll share what I have learned from my teachers and my own study, and will ask you to reflect, journal and discuss these subjects.

This 10–month program is divided into two modules, with each month having it specific theme. Material will be delivered via video and text, and we will have online discussions and practice. Every month I will also give suggested reflection or assignments to leave in, this is voluntarily but I encourage you to do them to get more out of the course. You will also receive advice on a practice or how to build up your practice. This course is for you and it will be shaped according to you and your time. I have invited a few guest teachers to share their practice and journey in the end of the 10-month program for you to get a broader view of sharing Yoga.

Looking forward to starting this journey together

With warmth


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