Group Study
and Mentoring

with Caroline Westling and Sara Granström Powiecki

This study group offers you the opportunity to find your own way on the yogic path and in life.

You’ll receive individual support to discover your core values and develop your unique qualities as a teacher, if you are a yoga teacher. We will look at questions like “What is my purpose?” “What are my core values, and what do I want to fill my life with?” “How do I live a good life, and what do I need to find balance and inner peace?” “What is knowledge, and who has wisdom?” “What makes a good teacher?”

Our ultimate goal for this Study and Mentor Group is to offer different ways of looking at the world so you can find your individual understanding and for you to have a place to discuss your thoughts and reflections. You will receive tools to enhance your teaching, support you in finding your strengths, and a way to work on what challenges you. Individual support and group discussions are integral aspects of this process.

Meet your Instructors

Caroline Westling

Caroline Westling

Caroline started teaching and sharing yoga in Sweden in 2004, where yoga was not widely spread at the time. She ran a studio in Västervik for six yearsand in addition to running a yoga school, Caroline has taught yoga in Swedish schools and prisons for many years. In addition, Caroline has also education in nutrition, energy medicine and sound awareness.

“To practice and share yoga is a great privilege which I truly honor and respect.”

Sara Granström Powiecki
Sara Granström Powiecki
Sara’s deep and compassionate understanding of asana comes from many years of practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga and traditional hatha yoga. She is a longterm student of classical pranayama which has developed her understanding of the importance of a balanced breath in both yoga practice and in life. In her classes she highlights the deep meaning of the inner attitude in practice, often using chanting, meditation and gratitude.
“Working towards yoga, wether it happens in a movement or in complete silence and stillness, becomes about getting to know myself, in all its shapes and forms.”

Course Structure

To optimize your learning and growth, this course includes pre-recorded lessons, online live meetings and Q&A, private online sessions, and a live weekend. The course is divided into modules with different themes. Each module has a set of pre-recorded lessons to prepare you for our online live meetings. Online meetings will last 2 hours.

There are no requirements for this course. You put as little or as much time as you want into it. We will keep the lectures clear and concise, so you get the most out of them. One topic can therefore have several shorter lessons. If you have the opportunity to do the suggested assignments you will get more benefit, but even if you don´t do them, you will get a lot out of them. Assignments include, for example, one 30-minute private online meeting with Caroline and one 30-minute private online meeting with Sara, two teaching scripts reviewed by Caroline, two sequences reviewed by Caroline, and one 30-minute teaching video that Caroline will also review.


Preliminary Live Meeting: Introduction to the Course August 20, 2023

Module 1: Different philosophical views

(First module will be released on August 21st)

The first module sets the foundation for the rest of the course. Here we will focus on what values you want your life to be guided by, as a human. If you are a teacher, you will also focus on what values you want your teaching to be guided by. We will look at different philosophers’ views of a “good life”, what knowledge is, and who has wisdom. We will also explore different philosophical views of what it means to be good and what makes a good teacher.

Live meeting 2— September 17, 2023

(our first set of pre-recorded lessons releases one month prior to our first live meeting. The next set of lessons is released a week after each live meeting.)

Module 2: Yoga

During this module, we focus more on the yogic path—our personal practice, asana, alignment and pranayama. We’ll discuss the question, “What is yoga?” This module contains lectures and videos about pranayama both practical and theoretical, asana and the understanding of asana and yoga. We will also be training your eye to see what happens in the body in different asanas. 

Live meeting 3— October 22, 2023

Module 3: Yoga (continued)

We will keep focusing on the physical aspect of yoga and look at yoga for different needs such as injuries and beginners. We will deepen our understanding of how to sequence a class and a course. Prior to this module’s seminar, you have the opportunity to receive feedback on a sequence you have created. It is voluntarly but a great way to become better at understanding how to sequence well.

Live meeting 4— November 26, 2023 

Module 4: Teaching Yoga

This module is all about teaching. We will look at how to become more skillful as a teacher and in our asana teaching. You also have the opportunity to receive feedback on a teaching script (will be explained). This is a voluntary assignment but very helpful. In fact, I believe it is one of the best ways to become a clearer, more skillful yoga teacher.

Live meeting 5— December 17, 2023 

Module 5: Reflection

During this module, we will summarize what we have learned, and see if we can dig deeper into what we have previously discussed. Our focus will be on meditation, pranayama and compassion. Maybe there is a particular topic you want to go deeper into. During this period, you can book your one-on-one session with Caroline and Sara (also voluntary).

Live meeting 6—TBA

Module 6: Yogic Philosophy

Here we go deeper into yogic philosophies such as The Bhagavad Gita and Katha Upanishad. We will discuss Yoga and Religion; how do we define the concept of religion and how does it differ from other views on life? Is yoga a form of religious practice? How should we view the philosophical heritage of the yoga tradition?

You will be given a suggested practice for the period before we meet.

Live meeting 7—TBA

Module 7: Applying everything we have discussed to our lives

The last module and will focus on bringing together everything we learned. We will reflect upon questions we have asked ourselves throughout this course and see if things are more clear, or if maybe you are in a state of confusion. We’ll focus on how and where we go from here, and what we want our lives to be filled with. What guides us as humans and teachers? If you want to receive feedback on your teaching this is the period, you send in a video of your teaching.

Live meeting 8—TBA

Weekend Retreat


Course Information

How to take this course successfully

The best way for you to take this course successfully is to listen to your own needs. There might be periods you can put more energy into it and periods when you can do less, and it is all good enough. In this course, we are students and participants, which  means that you decide what topics you want to dig deeper into.

We have created what we believe is a solid base with different topics to support you as individual human beings, as well teachers. You get to create your own understanding of what makes sense to you and what you want to incorporate into your life and your teachings. It is very important that we have an open discussion regarding the course content and the different topics of interest throughout the course. I encourage you to provide feedback if you feel you are lacking something or if something is not clear. This course is for you and might be adjusted according to the group’s needs.

In between seminars, we will have a closed Facebook group where we can discuss things together and share our experiences.

Payment options:

Availability: Limited

A place in our study group is secured when the registration fee of 300 EUR (non-refundable) has been paid. Full payment is due 30 days before the program starts. 

Option 1

1900 EUR
(300 EUR registration fee +
1600 EUR course fee)

Including weekend retreat

Option 2

1700 EUR
(300 EUR registration fee +
1400 EUR course fee)

Excluding weekend retreat


If you have any questions or want to give feedback, please send your email directly to

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