Creating a structure over your day is more then making a routine. Routines can become boring but to tune into your internal rhythms is what keeps you stay at “home”, in your body and with a clear mind.

Early morning…

Why do we suggest that you do your breathing, meditation and yoga practice in the morning?

Lets look at it from different perspectives.

Who wakes up first?

We might think the sun arises first but before the sun rises you can hear birds singing. Our nature is to wake up with nature.

When we have been sleeping our frequency of the body is higher. Which means our energy level is higher; when we practice in the morning we regain and store that energy in the body. It says by connecting the thumb and index finger, which are two vital, points the energy travels back, like a circle in the body. This position of the hand is called a mudra and is often used in meditation practices.

Second is that our body and mind has not been engaged in any activity yet and is therefore more still and calm. You will be able to move more internally and experience your body and settle your mind. This will support you during your day and you will not be moved by all the wind casts that might affect you during the day.

Times and structure

According to Ayurveda and its tradition it’s best to wake up before 6 o’clock. From 6-10 is Kapha time and the body might be more slow and heavy. Probably you also experience calmness and serenity, to do your meditation practice during this period might be helpful.

10-14 is the time of Pita (fire) and is when the digestive fire reaches its peak. Take in your largest meal during this time.

Between 14-18 is the time for Vata (ether, air). During this period usually the body becomes light and the mind clearer. This is a great time for creative and grounding activities and eating a light meal, as the digestive fire is less.

18-22 we go back to Kapha (water, earth). It’s time to unwind from your day. The body becomes once more heavy, both mind and body start to prepare for rest and sleep.

22-02 Pitta (fire) you probably have experienced that you were very tired and wanted to go to bed. Thinking it’s to early only to find out that after a couple of hours you’re a totally awake and can’t go to sleep, this is why!

Cleansing your body

When we have been sleeping our body rests and the mind travels. Our body contains different layers and one is a magnetic/energy field. Water has the power to cleanse our body and magnetic/energy field. The magnetic/energy field is where all the outer effects from peoples and emotions are stored. Maybe you have experienced that after a rough day it´s great to take a shower, this is why. In our sleep we process everything we have been through during the day and in the morning by showering you cleanse both the body and mind.

Brushing the teeth and cleaning the tongue before you eat:

You probably notice that we smell from our mouth when we wake up, how much depending on our food and drinks from yesterday. If you stretch your tongue out you might see a layer on it, this is bacteria that collects from our body during our sleep. Our body is so great and helps us in every way. It´s important to take this away before you eat something so it not going back into our body again.


“-What you think you become” Buddha

Our mind has the power to create and destroy; it’s like a tiger. Try to tame it to fast and it will kill you, make suggestions and be kind it will become your best friend. Set your intention for your day and see it become reality. The sky is the limit!

A little help on the way… your day could look like this:

5:30 wake up, shower and brush, teeth and tongue

5:45 – 6:15 Breathing. Yoga, meditation practice

6:30 breakfast

Work, remember to eat a big lunch

18:00 light meal

20:00 if not before start to turn of your devices and let the mind rest

Before 22:00 sleep tight


You are the most precious in your life!

Namaste Caroline



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