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Acharya Yoga Education, Gothenburg

R.K.M. Acharya Yoga Acharya Yoga is a systematised sequence of yogasana and pranayama. Its purpose is to help individual practitioners gain a better understanding of sharira mana shastra—the science of body and mind—and to fine-tune their awareness of the vibrational...

Our present state of mind

Our mat is our universe and our supportive energy. Our practice on it reflects how we act and treat ourselves outside of it.

The idea is to do all the struggles there, so life outside can be peaceful. The thing is because we tend to press ourselves in our jobs and in life we might forget the first step of yoga and what yoga really means when we step onto our mat.

To be a beginner

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully better understand your body, yourself and others. This first post is about how important it is to always see your practice and yourselves as a beginner.


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