Autumn has always been a good time for me to reflect. It is a symbol of letting go and peeling of what no longer is beneficial to my growth. It has also been a time to settle in and watch myself with support from nature as the nature becomes more still.

During this weekend, we will through stillness and the support from the philosophical aspect of yoga, see how we can live in more balance and peace within ourselves and in the society around us. We will look on different yogic text that support us in our daily and how this text can integrate the yogic path to your daily life. We will focus on how to steadily hold asanas with ease and lightness, and gain tools to enhance your physical yoga practice.
In the morning we start with meditation,  pranayama and asana, each asana class will be focusing on different themes. We end the day with reflections  and meditation.

16,00 Introduction
16,30-18,00 Yoga asana (during this session we will use chairs and other props to support the body to open and end with some restorative work)
18,00 Light dinner
19,00 Meditation

07,00 Meditation and Pranayama
07,45-09,15 Theme based asana class
09,30 Breakfast
11,00 Philosophy discussion
12,30 Lunch
15,00 Therapeutic approach to more advance poses through props and alignment including, alignment, adjustment and pair work
18,00 Dinner
19,30 Meditation

06,30 Meditation and Pranayama
07,30-09,00 Theme based asana class
09,00 Breakfast
11,00 Philosophy discussion
12,30 Lunch
The weekend ends after lunch with a Q & A

Accommodation is simple in a shared house with the other participants.                                                    Location: Västervik
Pris: 2700sek, (Swish 0700050718)
Teacher: Caroline Westling and guest teacher Malin Lindén


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