The idea to start YogaMakes came from a wish to give back.

To give back what yoga has given and brought to us.

About us

The idea to start YogaMakes came from a wish to give back. To give back what yoga has given and brought to us. We want to remove the mystery and exclusivity that has surrounded the yogic tradition and make the knowledge available to everyone. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to study yoga in depth, and in this way we hope to spread some light into people’s lives. We also wish to spread light into the world by helping those who need support. We have already helped kids in India for many years and will continue share as much as we can with others. Dali Lama says that, “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation. Isn’t that reason enough for us to start?

Who are we?

The people behind YogaMakes have a unique and deep knowledge of yoga.

RatheeshRatheesh Mani was born and raised in Kerala, India. As a child, he began, with his grandfather, to study the five thousand year old Indian medicine ayurveda. His childhood and home were characterized by the yogic tradition and principles. The five elements of YogaMakes are based on these household routines. As a 14-year-old, he went alone to the Himalayas to study Vedic philosophy and yoga. Ever since, Ratheesh has taught yoga and travelled around the world, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Maldives, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and France, to spread yoga.
CarolineCaroline Westling has always had a deep philosophical interest in life and, as a teenager, she was inspired by her grandmother to start with yoga. Today, she has over 1000 hours of teacher trainings from different parts of the world and has practiced with some of the greatest teachers, including Maty Ezraty in the U.S. In addition, Caroline has also taken courses in nutrition, energy medicine and sound awareness.

Caroline and Ratheesh have worked together for many years.

They offer yoga teacher trainings, hold international workshops, organize retreats and teach at several yoga studios, prisons, schools and businesses. Their vision is to demystify yoga and transform yoga to a popular movement for everyday people. Caroline and Ratheesh choosed two co-founder to help them realize Yogamakes, Christel Kinning and Malin Sävstam.

MalinMalin saw her happy and successful life change dramatically on Christmas of 2004 when she lost her beloved husband and 2 of her 3 children to the tsunami that hit Thailand where her family was vacationing. 8 months after the awful tragedy, Malin was introduced to yoga through a friend where she managed to find a sense of peace that was lacking in her life. Malin was sceptical about yoga when she was first introduced to it but is now a trained yoga instructor and claims that yoga is one of the 3 things that saved her life.
ChristelIn 2001 Christel became one of only 32 women ever to head a company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Today she is in the Board of Directors of a handful consumer- and retail companies around the world. To uphold this power of a businesswoman she need the power of yoga. She has been deepening her knowledge about overall health, which has now become her main interest.

As Christel and Malin puts it…

“We are crazy about yoga because we feel a lot better when we practice than when we find a hundred different reasons why we do not need, or have time to yoga. We sleep better, feel more energized, stronger and above all happier. Yes, we will be even kinder to our environment – which is not bad in a world that just gets tougher and tougher. Yoga helps us face our lives with all that it entails in terms of stress, pressure and impact from an increasingly intrusive environment. But it’s not always easy to find the time, money or guidance by high quality teachers. And this is precisely the reason why we have developed YogaMakes. To give ourselves the freedom to practice yoga whenever we want, wherever we want on our terms, with experienced guidance whether it is a physical or breathing exercise, relaxation, meditation or hints about what to eat. In short: a good yoga teacher online. Hope you’ll join and yoga with us. Namaste.”


When you join you get your personal yoga teacher online with videos (teachings & classes) that cover all aspects of yoga.

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