Complete Study group spring 2022

Is there one final and true teaching? Is there one philosophical text or theory that is the absolute and tells you all the answers about how to live? Is there one supreme teaching and way to inner peace and balance? Looking back on traditions and philosophers we would have to beg the differ. Or do you need to find that knowledge within you?

Therefore, this course is based on the study of philosophy, ethics, morals, and yoga.

In order for you to move closer to your inner understanding and knowledge so you can guide yourself in your life towards harmony and virtue. To help you to find your own understanding and knowledge to live in harmony and a good and virtuous life.

To guide you to your inner understanding of how to live a good and virtuous life. In this course, we will look at different philosophical ideas and principles in order to help you find your own truth and answers to questions like…

What is my purpose? How do I live a good life? What do I need to find balance and inner peace? How can I contribute to making the world a better place? What does it mean to be good? What is knowledge? Who has wisdom? What makes a good teacher? And more…

To optimize your learning and growth, this course is based on pre-recorded online lectures, online live seminars and Q&A, private online sessions, and a live weekend.


Our online seminars are once a month and approximate 2,5-3h long (with break). Our pre-recorded lectures and occasionally some philosophical texts or philosophical dilemmas or video clip will be the base for our online seminars and Q&A. Each seminar will have a different theme where we discuss the pre-recorded lectures you have watched; I will answer any questions that have come up from the lectures and we will discuss different dilemmas or ideas in full and smaller groups based on the lecture or text you have read.


The pre-recorded lectures will include topics such as; Philosophers and their teachings, Knowledge; can we have the knowledge, and if so, what is knowledge? Finding purpose, Ethics, and morals, Understanding the application of philosophy to language and linguistic theory (how to read philosophical texts), Teaching and what makes a good teacher, and much more…

You will also have access to lectures specific to the yogic practice and teaching.

One on one

During this course, you will have the possibility to schedule two 45min online one-on-one sessions to discuss thoughts that have come up during the course or ask questions about your practice. Each session can be focused on an area you want to dig deeper into. It could be on your personal practice, philosophy, being a teacher, asana, teaching, sequencing, it is your choice. You will also have the opportunity to get feedback on 3 teaching scripts and two 30 or one 60 min long teaching videos.

Weekend retreat

This course also includes a live weekend retreat at my home retreat at lake Hjorten. You can choose to join any weekend retreat during spring 2022, autumn 2022, or spring 2023.


Period: May-November

Our study group starts in May and approximately once a month we meet up for a 2,5-3h long online seminar. This is not a course where you have to perform, it is a forum for you to reflect and acquire a greater understanding of yourself, what your values are, what you want to fill your life with and how to live a good life.

Price and spots:

Limited to 12people,

Payment options:

A place in our study group is secured when the registration fee of 300 EUR (non-refundable) has been paid.

Option 1: Paid in full before program starts: 700 EUR (registration fee not included in the price)

Option 2: 110 EUR monthly payment, automatically charged each month for 7 months to the bank card you use to register. (registration fee not included in the price)


When you join you get your personal yoga teacher online with videos (teachings & classes) that cover all aspects of yoga.

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